November News 2016

Where did Telesis go this month?

Kursk Accumulator Plant manufactures over 300 batteries designed for vehicles, power industries and automotive engineering, Russia's Ministry of Railways, specialist military requirements and many other fields of application. Kursk batteries are well-known for their unique electrochemical performance, they comply with EN and DIN standards, and they operate under various environmental conditions.

Kursk supplies batteries to former CIS countries as Armenia Kazakhstan, Georgia and the Ukraine and has gained the trust of world famous companies such as GM and Fiat.
Kursk plant installed 8 Telesis TMP1700/470 on their production lines to mark 4,000 batteries per day. The mission for the flagship of the Telesis PinstampĀ­Ā® Range is to mark a permanent serial number of 10 characters on the top of the batteries.
Telesis proposed the TMP1700 for this application. The TMP1700 was the best choice - it is compact, robust and ideal for integration. In the last 10 years the Telesis TMP1700 has proved to be a reliable and efficient marking system.
This is the dot peen marking system that the competition doesn't have!
You Name it, We Mark it.
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TMP1700 Marker

With several thousand marking systems already sold worldwide, the TMP1700 remains the Telesis best seller. The TMP1700 is a flexible pneumatic single pin marker for applications which require in-line integration, bench top or portable configuration.

The TMP1700 is run through the industrial TMC470 controller or the TMC600 touch screen controller.
Key features :
  • Value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
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Telesis seeks to expand its activities in Spain

We are looking for a distributor in Spain with ambition. Someone who is not afraid of competition, who believes in the need for traceability and identification (as we do). Someone who is able to open doors, who understands the business and who loves a challenge. Please call us now to discuss our proposal. If that is not you, but you want to buy a marking system anyway, please call us now.
We do speak Spanish, French, German and English at Telesis, so it is safe to call.

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Upcoming Events

2017 agenda to be released soon.

This is what we do!

Laser Marking on HDPE

This HDPE plastic bottle is marked with a Telesis UV based laser marking system - the UVC:

- Great black contrast
- Smooth surface

We have a solution for every need. #younameitwemarkit

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NYP York North @snayorknorth
@NYorksPolice have had a massive response to our property marking initiative using our permanent Dot Peen marking machine @TELESISTECH
Telesis Europe @TelesisEurope
Telesis Technologies are currently looking for a distributor or agent in Spain with ambition, drive, passion and...
#Telesis #younameitwemarkit #lasermarking solutions.
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Marleen Elenbaas

@ Telesis we like to work with young talent. We recently had the privilege of opening our office doors to the exciting young gifted handbag designer Marleen Elenbaas. Marleen is about to release her new business range (The Business Pieces), and where better to photograph the new collection than the Telesis Offices in Rotterdam!