June News 2016

Where did Telesis go this month?

Oystershell Laboratories is a pharmaceutical company specializing in the innovation of consumer healthcare products (OTC). The company involved us in their plans to develop and market a disposable pen for the treatment of warts based on liquefied nitrous oxide. Telesis was challenged to come up with a marking solution for marking this pen with a logo, some signs to identify whether the pen is activated and additional information such as article number and expiry date. The goal was to mark 2500 parts a day.

The special EVC2H laser marking system uses two heads and one single controller, and with its short pulse width and extremely small spot size is perfect for such a challenge. With a single controller we can operate both laser heads using the new Merlin 2H software.
So what made this such a challenge? The marking takes place on a curved surface at a certain angle. The custom laser cabinet has the ability to load a special tray that carries 14 parts. The tray is transported into the cabinet and both laser heads mark each part simultaneously.

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Telesis Merlin 2H Software

The Telesis Merlin 2H software has been specifically developed for the dual head laser marking systems

  • User friendly
  • Easy to integrate
  • Two Heads, One Mind (single software)
  • High accuracy
  • Compatible with .dxf, .ai, .plt files
  • Compatible with PC & Laptop

This is Telesis. This is what we do.
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The New TMC600!

Telesis Touch Screen Controller

The TMC600 is the Next Generation controller of Telesis. Complying with all the requirements of the modern industrial environment, the TMC600 is equipped with the powerful Telesis Merlin®Touch PS software, which is a Windows® based software package. It is a graphical user interface which makes pattern design and marking quick and easy.
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Upcoming Events

TIV Hardenberg

Hardenberg, The Netherlands
September 06 - 08
Come and visit us

I MTS 2016
Chicago, USA
September 12 -17
Come and visit us booth N-6168
Johannesburg, South Africa
September 12 - 16
Come and visit us
Visit our webiste for the complete list of events - www.telesis.com

Telesis UK Midlands

Call us for a Demonstration!

Telesis UK is pleased to announce its new demonstration facility in the Midlands. Minerva Mill inSheffield (Warwickshire) was originally built as a needle mill under Queen Victoria. A very modern renovation provides a state of the art facility in a unique surrounding. The Telesis Office contains a wide range of dot peen/Pinstamp®, scribe® and laser machines. We are delighted to welcome anybody who would like to visit to see the marking machines in action.


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New Partnerships!

In order to deliver the best service on location, Telesis is expanding across Europe and the Middle East. In the next few months, we will introduce our new distributors in Jordan, Egypt, the Emirates and Bulgaria.

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