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As you well know, Telesis provide the right solution for every marking challenge. We have the knowledge and technology to serve you - no matter what your size, location or your business type. Telesis thrive on being to be your partner in your production process. But - not only are our products highly competitive, our price is. We strongly believe that Telesis can compete on any offer made by the competition, that we have the best products, and that we deliver the best service and after sales, at the best price. We want to be in every production area where identification and traceability need to be part of the process.

This month's success story comes from Germany. Our customer is a famous reference of the Automotive Industry. We provided a multi-pin TMM4250 marking system to be integrated in their production line and enabled them to drive production up to unprecedented levels.

In conclusion I would like to stress the importance of Telesis being present at various trade shows around Europe.
"Trade shows open up the doors of our customers". 

René van der Toorn
General Manager Telesis Europe

Where did Telesis go this month?


Our German customer is the leading manufacturer of bespoke profiles, tubes and complete profile systems made of steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. The company is not only active in the automotive and construction industries, but also in industrial engineering, agricultural and environmental technologies. It is important for our customer to keep their production up to speed in order to deliver on time.

The customer had an existing marking system from a competitor but the resulting bottleneck slowed down the complete production line. They asked Telesis to come up with a solution compliant to their needs. Gratefully, we accepted this challenge and processed some samples with the Telesis multi-pin TMM4250 Pinstamp® to show our system capabilities in term of speed marking and depth, and our ability to integrate the marking unit in their production line.

Some facts:

- We mark in 2.2 seconds 14 digits with 2 spaces in between, dimensions 2,1 x 1,3 mm, pitch is 2.0 mm.

- The TMM4250 marks every 5 seconds on stainless steel. The parts are painted after marking.

- The TMM4250 marking head integrated on the production line is exposed to cutting fluids.

Telesis provided a marking solution which enabled the customer to drive his production at full speed.

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FQD100 Laser Workshop!

We were pleased to welcome our successful Turkish distributor to our European Head Office in Rotterdam. It gave us the opportunity of introducing the new Telesis FQD100 Laser Marking System. The workshop allowed us to show the laser capabilities and abilities for the dynamic Turkish market.

Successful GiFa Trade Show In Dusseldorf!

At the beginning of June, Telesis exhibited at the GiFa show in Dusseldorf, Germany in the beginning of June. The GiFa is the most important trade fair for foundry technology in the world and takes place every 4 years. The exhibition was a tremendous success and generated many new contacts for Telesis.

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