January News 2017

Where did Telesis go this month?

Since we started working with Encoding Italy, a lot of exciting projects have come our way. We are proud to be marking for the world's leading pasta maker. The Group has a market share of 40% of the Italian market and 25% of the US market. It produces pasta in over 120 shapes and sizes.

We were asked to mark the pasta boxes and flour packages with all relevant data. For this application several Telesis CO2 laser marking systems were installed on the production line. The CO10AP is the right laser marking solution for this job - easy to integrate and perfectly suited to handle the Mark-on-the-Fly requirement.
So next time, you check the expiry date on a blue pasta box, that is our mark!

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Telesis C-Series lasers

The Telesis CO2 laser Systems are the right solution for most plastics, substrates such as wood, glass, Plexiglas®, quartz, ceramics, fabrics and other organic materials.

The Telesis CO2 Lasers offer :
  • High quality marking
  • High speed marking
  • Permanent marking
  • Maintenance free operation
  • No chemical impact on the environment

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Telesis in the Middle East

Our new Middle Eastern partner Wright & Wood International, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, participated in the 13th Edition of the SteelFab 2017 exhibition. SteelFab is the largest steel show in the whole of the Middle East and was well attended by visitors from the Middle East, North & East Africa and India. Wright & Wood displayed both Telesis Fiber Laser and Dot Peen marking systems. The exhibition was a great success and the perfect way to promote Telesis marking solutions in the area.

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Upcoming Events

VMT 2017
Odense Denmark
Feb 28- March 3
Come and visit us: Stand 1046

This is what we do!

Deep Laser Marking on Steel

The mark pictured has been performed on steel material with the NEW High Power Telesis Fiber Laser FQ75DS.

A very clean and deep mark over 0,3 mm depth on stainless steel is achieved.
The Telesis FQ75DS is offered with the Vari-Z Auto Focusing Laser and the InLine Vision Camera which allow you to read and verify your code instantly.
FQ75DS keywords:
- High Power
- Reduced Marking Time

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NYP York West@snayorkwest
Today we have conducted more crime prevention and property marking at farms on York West as part of #OpWollen #whatisdotpeenmarking
NYP York West@snayorkwest
It's not just cycles we are marking! Just marked a twins buggy! #OpNoel #HelpUs HelpYou #Whatisdotpeen
Markopack Belux@Markopack_Belux
Permanent marking for control and traceability on curved surfaces #younameitwemarkit #mtms_me

Distributor Award 2016

Telesis is proud to announce its 2016 annual prize winners:
In the Category Best Distributor:
Marksys Team
In the Category Best Achievement:
Encoding Team

For the second year in a row Marksys have excelled themselves and delivered a top performance, as did the Encoding Team. We congratulate the winners and thank them for their dedication and great achievements. Well done !