April News 2017

Where did Telesis go this month?

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline will transport natural gas into the EU from Russia. For each line of the twin pipeline, around 100,000 12 meter long pipe sections will be welded together and laid over a distance of 1,200 kilometers underneath the Baltic Sea.

The construction process begins with the fabrication of the individual pipe sections. The pipes are currently being manufactured to precise specifications with a diameter from 1 to 1,5 meters and a thickness from 20 to 30 mm. They are then coated internally to reduce friction against the gas flow, and coated externally to prevent corrosion.

For this job the customer is using two Telesis multi-pin hand-held TMM4215 marking systems to mark 200 pipes per day on both sides. The TMM4215 is a compact and light system, capable of deep marking at high-speed. Hardened pins are pneumatically accelerated to indent dot matrix characters onto the pipes for a deep and contrasting mark.
Telesis feels privileged to be part of this extraordinary project.
You Name it, We Mark it!

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Telesis TMM4215

The multi-pin TMM4215 marking system provides a 100 x 100 mm marking window. This light weight, compact marker is available in both fixtured (for integration) and hand-held configurations. This marker is ideal to mark gas cylinders, pipes, shackles, chains, hard metal structures, crane excavator parts, etc...

Key features:
- Compact ergonomic design
- Light - Marking head weighs 2 kg
- Deep marking
- Fast marking
Save time and money every day with Telesis marking solutions.

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Deep engraving!

When you need depth, our F-series fiber lasers never miss the mark.

It is deep, it is clean and it is awesome!
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This is what we do!

Laser Marking Solutions

Black mark achieved with the Telesis laser E-series Vanadate on carbide steel and titanium drills.

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