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Last week we had the pleasure of hosting the Telesis Training and TMC600 Workshop on board the SS Rotterdam. It turned out to be a great success with fruitful discussions, sharing of valuable information and exchange of interesting ideas, all in good company. It also gives us a good idea of what is happening in the various markets.
This month Telesis went to Belarus where the TMC600 is being used to mark gearboxes for heavy duty trucks. The TMC600 has an easy to use controller interface and delivers good readable results. Our partner in Italy, Encoding, was presenting the TMC600 at the MECSPE Trade show. This Trade Show is the reference fair for the manufacturing industry in Italy and is the meeting point between production technologies and industrial sectors.

I invite you to check our new video gallery on the Telesis website - www.telesis.com - to visualize our systems in action.

René van der Toorn
General Manager Telesis Europe

Where did Telesis go this month?


Data-By, the Telesis distributor in Belarus, was requested to come up with a solution to mark gearboxes. These gearboxes are being used in heavy duty trucks with a super size load capacity used in the mining and construction industry mainly, in Russia and the Ukraine.
For Data-By, this was a unique chance to introduce the Telesis single pin TMP4500E Marking System in combination with the new TMC600 Controller. The TMP4500 can mark up to 0.46mm deep in mild steel. Its electro mechanical pin eliminates the need for any air supply. The TMP4500E is the perfect choice for applications requiring both portability and deep penetration marking. 

The customer really appreciated the easy to use controller interface of the TMC600, and the fact that at 4mm stand-off and 70% force, the mark was crisp and well-readable.
The operator studied the manuals and did not need the assistance of the on site engineer of Data-By to start to operate the controller. He was able to create around 15 patterns for different parts including serial numbers, message flags and date flags.

Contact us now for a demonstration on site of the TMP4500E/600 capabilities -

Telesis TMC600 Controller
In The Spotlight! 
Encoding introduced the Telesis TMC600 Controller in combination with the TMP6100 Single Pin Marking System at the MECSPE in Parma, Italy.

This system is used to mark the wheel rim for a large Italian producer of alloy wheels.

Contact us for more information.

Telesis Workshop! 

The Telesis TMC600 workshop was organised on board the SS Rotterdam. The European sales team and distributors had the opportunity to add to their knowledge about the TMC600 and to learn more about the new interface.

The training was hosted by Bob French, Director of Pinstamp Engineering, and Gary Rowe, Process Lab Engineer, from Telesis Headquarters in Ohio. Our CEO, Steve Sheng, also attended the meeting to provide the sales team with the tools to promote the TMC600 Controller, and to give an insight in the future plans of Telesis.

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