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Telesis Dot Peen Marking Systems Controllers

Pinstamp® Dot Peen Marking System Controllers


TMC600 marking system controller runs the Merlin® Touch PS software and provides a touch screen user interface for operating the marking system. The controller features an integrated, 10-in., high-resolution, touch screen monitor in the top panel. The back panel of the controller provides the electrical interfaces for connecting to the marking system and optional, remote I/O sources.

TMC600 Marking System Controller

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This advanced, "best-in-class" controller features a more robust memory, enabling up to 200 files to be stored along with the ability to back-up patterns to a flash drive. The Telesis TMC470 features an Ethernet communications port, two serial ports, and a USB port for pattern back-up. The TMC470 is offered with an optional panel mounting kit as well as an optional NEMA 12 (IP55) enclosure.

TMC470 Marking System Controller

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The TMC420, a fully integrated industrial marking system controller, has a 4-line LCD display, rugged sealed keyboard, compact package, and easy-to-learn pattern design software. It is also available in panel-mount or NEMA enclosures for more challenging environments.

TMC420 Marking System Controller

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Special version of versatile TMC420; well suited to a wide range of industrial environments. IP55 (NEMA 12) rated. Includes rubber feet and mounting hardware for tabletop use or wall mounting. The TMC420N is rated for operating temperatures up to 122°F (50°C) with no cooling required and features a cable entry seal for power, marking head, serial, auxiliary axis and I/O connections.

TMC420N Marking System Controller

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Special version of verstile TMC420; designed specifically for mounting in industrial enclosures. It features a sealed keyboard, sealed display and gasketed mounting surface for NEMA 12 (IP55) rating. Except for mounting and overall dimensions, the TMC420P is fully interchangeable with the TMC420 Controller.


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